How to Prevent a Conflict before you Create One – The Tongue Technique

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Sometimes the smallest of comments can create the biggest of challenges in our personal and business lives.

We (and I know myself is included) say something without reflection in response to what someone says and a problem is created due to a misunderstanding in what was said.

Once the words are out from our mouths it is so hard to pull them back from the conversation.


As I work on continuing growing myself in my personal and business life I realize that somethings my parents told me many years ago are as valuable today as ever.

They told me two (of many) things:

When you are going to respond to a comment by another person on the phone, in person and today in text, video or email etc I need to take a moment and ‘bite my tongue’ meaning do not say anything in response. Nope! Nothing just let it pass by. To help the other person’s comment pass by me I need to do step two.

Count to ten, yes, one to ten to let the emotion pass away. Sometimes I need to count to 20.

This may sound like really simple stuff to you as a the reader but there is genius in simplicity.

Over the years, I personally have noticed a difference in my life when I avoid commenting on a comment I do not like in my personal or business life. It is like I add zero fuel to a potential fire.


I love simple effective ideas.