How to Move from Poverty to Power

If you really want to move away for being unhealthy, unhappy and financially broken to a life of health, happiness and prosperity you will want to read the following words. They are not my words.

I warn you as someone once warned me they are not pleasant for many people to read but within these words there is a key you maybe seeking to turn your life into the life of your dreams:

I quote:

“In the dark soil of poverty the choicest flowers of humanity have developed and bloomed….[perhaps] you are in the employ of a tyrannical master or mistress, and you feel that you are harshly treated. Look upon this as necessary to your training. Return your employer’s unkindness with gentleness and forgiveness. Practice unceasingly patience and self-control. Turn the disadvantage to account by utilizing it for the gaining of mental and spiritual strength…Do not complain that you are a slave but lift yourself up, by noble conduct, above the plane of slavery.”

Written in 1901 by James Allen in his book ‘From Poverty to Power’ these and many more of the words in this short book are as relevant today as they were in Allen’s time.

I believe we all know at some level that when we want more health, happiness and prosperity in our lives the change must come from our behavior and not from people around us.

Note: I was inspired to share these words with you today when I picked up my copy of Allen’s book As A Man Thinkethwhich contains the bonus book ‘From Poverty to Power’. I hope Allen’s words bring something to your day and I recommend your read ‘From Poverty to Power’.

If you have no time to read check out this audio version of As a Man Thinketh and From Poverty to Power.

I look forward to your feedback.

Enjoy a wonderful day,


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