How to Motivate yourself to Change QUICKLY

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Over the years I have read many theories about how to motivate people to take a positive action they need to take for the sake of their well being whether it is for their health, happiness or prosperity.

Most ideas fail when they are offering a positive outcome like “if you exercise you will not get heart disease or cancer”.  If they worked millions of people would exercise and eat well to avoid illness.

What works:

Recently, while I was listening to an interview with Tim Ferriss he stated that one of the greatest motivators he has discovered to help people make changes to better their health is strike fear into the person’s heart. I paraphrase Tim when he said “Tell the person who needs to lose weight to take a photo of themselves in a swim suit and give it to a friend who will post the photo on the internet if they do not lose a certain amount of weight by a certain date. This friend will hold the person accountable and the person who needs to lose weight will have motivation unless they want the photo to go live!

If you really want to make personal change consider this strategy.