How to make your life better: One BIG choice or Millions of Choices

Do you really want to make your life better than it is now?

If you need more health, peace, more money to get food on the table the real question is how do you make your life better so you get what you need?

The solution could be one BIG choice made up with millions of little choices you make each day. But are you conscious of the choices you are making?

If you want to improve your ability to understand our world so you can enter a career in international relations do you really learn from watching the news or would you be better reading books on different political and cultural climates?

If you want to improve your health will reading another diet book help or will going for a walk listing to inspirational words help you better?

If you want to be a better parent will talking with parents really help or will listening to your child help more?

Sometimes we become tired and frustrated because we do not have what we want in life but truly what we are experiencing is directly related to what we chose to do each and every moment of our lives.

Make new goals today, make a plan and do as Tony Robbins says “Take massive action”. You have everything to gain.

It is your choice.

Be great, you are.