How to make Something from Nothing (a hundred friends or a 100 million)

I want to help you reach your life of your dreams filled with health, happiness and prosperity – I want you to have the life you lie awake at night dreaming about.

You can make the ‘what if’ a reality because you are capable of making something out of nothing, really!

Just like an architect takes the ideas of the land owner and drafts up an image that becomes a building and then a home, you too can make something out of thoughts which are just like nothing when you begin with them. Indeed, they are ‘nothing’ that when nourished can become something very special.

To make Something out of Nothing you will need four ingredients:



You must first have a vision, an idea of something you want to do to have happen whether it is increased health, friendships, finance… You can only make something out of nothing when you have something to focus on achieving. The powers of possibility cannot connect and power a ship that has no rudder to guide it. You need to know what your vision is.




You must hook this vision to your desire to have it become true. Desire is something that will get you out of bed in the morning to do what you need to do to make what you want happen. Desire will have you run in the rain to stay fit, take the time to make the juice to nourish your body, push you to lift up the phone to call a client to build your business or visit a friend to nourish a relationship when you feel low in energy.




You must believe that what you are visioning and desiring is possible. You may have desire and vision but without belief you will give up.

Belief is that very powerful little extra – the little extra that makes ordinary extraordinary – that makes you act on ideas till they become real.

Your belief can come from many sources. Perhaps, you have done something similar before like starting a business from scratch or moving to a new country to start over and you managed to succeed so your past experiences can help you believe what you want to do is now possible. “If I did it once I can do it again”.

If you don’t have a past experience to draw positive power from then focus on the thought ‘why not?’ if someone else can be happy, healthy and prosperous why not me? We are all meant to enjoy life no one is destined to a life of sadness.

Believe what you want is possible and as you move one step forward use every small achievement to push you more forward into a deeper belief in what is possible. Use tools like I offer freely to nourish your belief. This way you can achieve your dreams.




The essential last ingredient is to blend specific action steps with your vision, desire and belief to help you reach your goals. Your specific action steps you can learn from anyone who has genuinely achieved the goal you wish to achieve. If you want to become a professional speaker learn from a professional speaker, if you want to be a professional singer learn from a professional singer. Without action the first car, the first computer, the first relationship would never have happened.

Now take your vision, desire, belief and take action today! Not tomorrow today!

I am on this road with you.

Questions, comments, tell me what is on your mind.

Your friend on the journey,