How to Make a Business Building Website

david hennessey

The following simple tips (that are often overlooked) will help you evaluate if you have a business building website or simply a website online. These guidelines I have realized from research I have done since I started managing my own websites in 2009 and also by comparing my notes to other people a lot more knowledgeable than myself in SEO. 

Remember the basic is what people miss. So don’t miss out on checking if you have all this covered.

Easy to find and use navigation.

Ask a friend to give you critical feedback about usage. You may be surprised.

Quality images and videos. Do not post unless you will be proud of it.

Mobile Friendly. Make sure it is here or your site will vanish day by day.
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No flash animation since it crashes on many modern computers like iPads. Too much imagery can also so down the loading of a site. Remember not everyone is running a high speed computer.

Up to date software that does not crash. Fix the broken links etc.

Functional keywords and not too many of them. Make your content easy to find online.

Descriptive and not cute page titles. Cute is only found if everyone already knows you.

Fresh and quality content, no exceptions.

A call to action for a newsletter, e book or consultation. Ezines are still great for keeping clients.

Not too much focus on social media – you need to control your own content and how it is used