How to make 100 million dollars quickly

one hundred million dollars

In most cases there is no ‘quickly’ when it comes to making 100 million dollars. You have to take one idea and really work on it. Even Mark Zuckerberg did not make 100 million in a very quick period of time. He used The Compound Effect (the title of a new book) of building up one idea Facebook and working on it consistently with the help of others.

Since you are looking to make money quickly here is a real solid tip.

The stepping stone to financial freedom is the creation and application of an original and valuable idea. Just one idea and the application of this one idea can do the trick. Look around you for social problems, for example, the person who made the paper sleeve people put around their hot cup of coffee say a problem and solved it. Be open, be alert see challenges as opportunities.

Study books like The One Minute Millionaire which gives you a lot of tools and techniques to put together a successful business. I really believe the ideas in this best selling book are undervalued. It is very interesting book since it has one section where it tells a tale of a person and how they became a millionare and another section that de codes the steps. I have read and re read this book many times and other books mentioned in it.

Expect to have to do work because all great success comes through the consistent application of effective steps. If you are not successful. You need to change the steps you are taking.

I have aFree e book full of inspirational quotes you are welcome to request.  This e-book you can find available in my Free resources section.

If you wonder why they are FREE it is not because they cost me nothing to create or share with you. It is because I believe the more you give in life the more your receive.

Finally, on a lighter note on the subject of what could be possible to do with a small amount of money and some creativity I said to a friend “if I gave you a few hundred dollars could you make a million dollars with it quickly?” (the reason for the title of this posting) This friend is a bit of a comedian and the above image is what I received by email with the message ‘Job complete’.

Enjoy a financially prosperous day,