How to Live a Happier, Healthier Life: Questions to Ask yourself Today

the wonder technique

The questions we ask ourselves each day have the power to make a huge difference in how our lives are lived.

Below is a quick ‘check in’ list.

These are just a selection I have created. Review the list and compare to your life at present and see if any of these actions could change you for the better:


Do you sleep deep? If not, how can you change this? sleep better information


Do you eat healthy? If not, what change can you make at breakfast time?


Could you be more helpful to other people? What talent can you share more?


Do you take ownership of your mistakes and fix them as soon as possible? If not, what can you do to change this?


Do you phone at least one friend a day to tell them they are special?


Do you complete your ‘To Do List’ each day? If not, could you focus more on using the four Ds to do better?


Do you always keep your principles in your personal and business decisions? If not, why not?


Do you make a decision and stick to it? Are you flexible when you hear other people’s thoughts on your actions?


Are you resilient? Could you have more stick to it – ness?


Do you measure your success against what you did in the past rather than compare yourself to others? If not, how can you change this?


Do you question how things are done to see if you can change them for the better?


Do you think nice thoughts about other people? Do you need to do a seven day mental health diet?


Do you take manageable risks? If not, how could you stretch your comfort zone?


Do you start your day with a clear desk so you can focus easier? If not, do you start today to clean off your desk when you finish working?


Do you take quiet awake time to meditate or walk in silence to nourish your peace of mind? If not, what time do you start today? This book can inspire you

If any of this questions annoyed or upset you then they might just be the habit or habits you need to explore.

All the best to you,