How to Learn from a Leader – the Unusual way

Some people say the best way to learn from people who are leaders in the field you want to learn about, whether it is personal or business development is to read every book, attend every seminar and experience coaching by them but I disagree.

I think the best way you could learn from the people you admire that know what you want to learn is to interview them. 

Now, of course, if you are not a talk show host how can you achieve this goal?

My suggestion is if you live in the same area as the person you admire phone him or her and offer to buy them lunch.

Yes, buy them lunch. If you can get a successful personal coach or business owner to have lunch with you one on one you have the possibility to learn an enormous amount of information when you ask specific questions.

Specific questions are questions like:


‘What actions did you take that you regret? (this will give you steps to avoid)’


‘What things did you do that surprised you with how effective they were?’ (this will give you steps to take)


“What things did you wish you had done sooner? (this will help you save time)


Ask questions and just listen and you will be learn.

You may think the meal costs you money but the cost of coaching from successful business owners and personal development coaches could be hundreds of dollars per hour and the meal will most likely cost you less.

Does this work?

Personally, I have taken this approach in the past and in one case it ended up that I was hired by the person I was interviewing for a marketing contract. Why? Because he recognized that I was a person who wanted to learn and succeed and no one had ever asked him before the questions I asked.

Perhaps this idea can work for you.

All the best to you,


By the way, I learned the seeds of this idea from Jim Rohn
– a superstar educator – check out his work.