How to Keep Your Brain from Aging

To enhance your mental health and wellness you will be delighted to know that scientists have found that you can keep your brain growing throughout your life time by performing cognitive exercises.

I wrote a previous article titled Grow Your Brain which included references to the scientific studies. I was inspired to write this article when one of my children showed me a book they got as a gift. It is a book of Nonograms.

Nonograms, also called Hanjies or Paint by Number or Griddlers, are picture logic games that are much more complicated that the paint by numbers we did as children. They are essentially a complex puzzle that once you complete it you reveal a hidden picture. However, just like in the game Sodoku you have to use careful logic to solve the puzzle. In every step you need to avoid making an error in deciding what the numbers are telling you to avoid losing the chance to find the hidden picture.

Nonograms are named after a Japanese graphics editor called Non Ishida.

If you want to see a sample of a Nonogram check out this book of puzzles and choose the option to look inside the book at the first few pages. There you will find samples of Nonograms as you scroll down.

How to Grow New Neural Connections to Keep your Brain Healthy

You can help grow your brain new neurons by taking the time to doing Nonograms or other games that involve logic. You grow new neural connections to help you solve new tasks so if you have never learned how to do a Nonogram here is your chance to grow your brain.

You will also want to check out other articles on games that can improve your mental health by reading this one on Rush Hour or this one on Riddles which contains some sample riddles.

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2 comments to How to Keep Your Brain from Aging

  • Hi David,
    We tend to take our bodies and especially our brain for granted. It would be beneficial to find and implement ways to keep our brain engaged and learn how to keep it toned like a muscle.

    I have not heard of nanograms before. I will check out the link to find some more about it.

    • David Hennessey

      Hi Justin,
      Thanks for stopping by.
      I agree for years I have worked on keeping my mind as well as my body fit.
      Personal development as you know well includes all parts of us – mind, body and spirit! Each needs daily attention.
      Enjoy a wonderful day,