How to Improve your Goal Achievement in less than One Minute REALLY

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This store sign is about BS not a great goal

Richard Wiseman wrote a book called 59 seconds to show that in less than a minute you can learn a new strategy that can improve you ability to do something new.

I am paraphrasing below some of his tips. Investigate his inexpensive book to learn more.

Have only one goal
This increases your success since it focuses your energy.

Decide on a goal that is really valuable for you to achieve.

Make a new goal or a new approach
If you are working on a goal you failed to achieve before use a different approach so you don’t carry the past failure in your head. Better still choose a new goal to build up your confidence in yourself.

Be Specific
Detail the exact days you are going to take action on and at the exact time so you can’t postpone the action.

Set Smart Goals
Specific, Achievable, Realistic and Time based.
Read my article that explains the SMART goal system that is not originally from myself or Richard Wiseman.

Motivate yourself with a Positive outcome

Be Accountable
Tell people you know about your goal so they keep you accountable.

Be Resilient
If you give up, don’t worry about it just start again. Many people give up. Be the one who continues.

Take the time to see yourself doing the steps you need to do to achieve the goal just like an Olympian.

Be Positive
Focus on the benefits of your new habit to motivate yourself.

Curious about Richard’s work go here