How to Improve your Focused Concentration

If you have ever struggled to achieve what you want to achieve in life it could very well be that you lack the habit of Focused concentration.

Focused concentration is a skill that can be learned and it will help you in many areas of your life thereby improving your health, happiness and prosperity.

How? If you concentrate on what your friends or spouse are saying you will develop a better understanding of their needs and therefore better relationships.

If you concentrate on what your customers are saying you will hear what they want and you can serve them better.

If you concentration on what your body and mind are telling you about your health you can learn and make positive new steps to nourish your health.

Here are seven ways to improve your Focused Concentration


Buy some nice candles like these , find a quiet place and place one on the table in front of you, light it and practice just looking at the candle and not at all at what is around you in the room. Do this for one minute at first then increase the time during each sitting till you can focus for five minutes looking at the candle. Also do your best to keep your mind from wandering as you watch the candle flickering.



Practice mindfulness in your breathing. Take five minutes each day to just sit and breath. Say ‘in’ quietly to yourself as you breath in and say ‘out’ quietly to yourself as you breath out . Learn more from this article and from Thich Nhat Hanh.



Make a to do list on a piece of paper or in a file on your computer and choose to work on one task at a time. This means avoiding answering the phone when you are working on a marketing project. This means avoiding writing to a client while you are talking to another client. Multi-tasking is less effective than Focused Concentration when it comes to achieving goals. Learn more about The Multitasking Myth



Make your work environment distraction free or low on distractions by facing away from the door where people will pass by. Make your homework environment easier to focus in by finding a space where you are not distracted by posters, music or talking.



Take breaks from Focused Concentration to go for a walk in the fresh air or to simply refill your water bottle.



Help yourself achieve your daily goals by writing them down on Free Goal cards like these.



Practice focusing your mind by making mental boundaries on activities that burn up your time without giving your beneficial results. Use a funny timer like this to help you concentrate the time you use on projects at home and at work.

There are many more ways to improve your concentration. The booked linked to at the beginning of the article is said to be very good.

Overall, I trust these ideas will help you as they have helped me and other people.

Your friend on the journey,