How to Have What You Want in 2016

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“Do what you love even if there is a chance you may fail, it is better to fail at what you love than succeed at something you hate” Jim Carrey

I believe in you and I believe the following guidelines will help you get what you want in 2016

Write Down what you want to Achieve
Always a favorite and always effective, if you write it down you can focus on it and make a plan.

Create your Story
Know why you are passionate about your main goal for 2016. What is it that makes you uniquely able to achieve this goal and why do you want to do it? Be clear and people can support you since they will know what you need help with.

Make a Plan
A goal without a plan is a fading thought. Look at your goal and reverse engineer to this moment and time and figure out the skills you need and the things you need to learn to reach your goal.

Take Action to Get the Skills and Things you need
Get a coach, get a mentor, buy books, listen to podcasts, watch videos or hire someone to help to get done what you need done. Most importantly ask people in your network for support. This of course is your positive support network. Other people around you may push you down, just ignore them.

Evaluate and Work on Purpose
Keep track of your progress on a weekly basis. If you find you are not on course adjust your path as needed. Make sure as you move through the year going for your goal all your actions are focused on creating your goal.

Help Others
As you help others you not only make a positive difference in the world you also help hone your own skills.

Have Fun
If you are doing what you love you will be fun for other people to work with and this will give you positive momentum to reach your goal.

Surround yourself with people you love to work with

Why not?

Move your Body, Sleep Well and Eat Well

If you do not exercise and eat well you will start to lose focus and damage your mind and body. You will know you have had enough sleep when you wake up refreshed. Make your well being your force field not a distraction.

Daily Sharpen the Saw

Stephen R. Covey’s 7th Habit is most likely the most important habit he taught. Each day you need to nourish your mind and spirit so you can keep going 100 percent towards your goal.

Now write that goal down and start! Yes, now!

All the best to you,