How to Have a Better Social Network The Power of Four Cs

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How to Have a Better Social Network – The Power of Four C’s

As humans, we are social. Being around each other is something we desire, in fact, something often we crave deeply.

Today many people hope to obtain fulfillment of this need by being part of a social network online but this leaves out the importance of the physical presence of people around us. I doubt this physical present can ever be replaced virtually even thought some of the technology is impressive.

To assist you in growing your real social network I am constantly reminded by people I study that we all need to communicate very clearly and directly and this is so very true.

I have listened to Sam Harris share his way of thinking. He is the author of Waking Up (Amazon link) In a podcast Sam once said “We are either in communication or we are in conflict.”. This to me is a very good view on the importance of communication since if we do not take the time to communicate with the people around us how can they know how we feel, think, desire? It is impossible and their actions may be in conflict with ours because they have to guess what is important to us. If we can have communication we can end conflict.

In addition to communication it is important to add that this communication is conscious. We are actively thinking about what we are sharing with another person and we are actively listening to others.

I believe that Conscious Communication Creates Community. This is what I call the 4 C’s.

I hope you like the 4 C’s

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