How to Grow Your Business: a short 6 part series

If you have a product or service that you want to make a business with and people desire to have what you have to offer you have the seeds of a successful business:

Now you need more than one skill to grow the business of your dreams so today we begin a short six part series on the list of skills you will need to grow your business:

Part One


Great selling is not pushy, it is educational. If you advise someone about your product and it is something they need they will buy it. If you convince them to buy something they don’t need in most cases they will return it to you tomorrow and talk negatively about your work.

The first step to successful selling is to have a good product or service that people in the market place are interested in.

The second step is you need to be able to clearly explain the value of the product in simple terms.

The third step is you need to ask people do they wish to buy it. This is not being manipulative you simply ask would you like to buy your product or service.

The fourth step is to give great after sales service. This fourth step is how you get a client for life.

If you need help in the area of sales training that using the educational rather than ‘pushy’ approach I have years of experience to share with you. You don’t have to be a pushy sales person to succeed in business but you do need to know how to approach educating your clients so they want to buy from you. I can help you nourish this skill in you and, if you have a team,your team. Contact me here.

Come back tomorrow for the next article on the skills you need to grow a successful business.

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