How to Grow Your Business: a short 6 part series – part two

Today let us talk about the second essential skill you need to grow your business without this no matter how you work you will eventually lose momentum.

Part Two


To help you keep going forward and attracting new clientele there needs to be more of you. This means you have to recruit more people to be part of your team who promote the product or service you have to offer. By recruiting you are able to multiply your efforts.

To successfully recruit you have to attract people who you believe will be able to do what you do in their own special way. You also need to have a system in place so you can train these people to achieve the goals you want them to achieve. Otherwise each new team member will reinvent how to do what you want to do which can only lead to inconsistent customer service.

One you learn how to recruit you people you will have started one of the greatest time management tools: teamwork

If you are not sure about how to go about recruit and you want to learn ways beyond just placing an ad, reviewing CV/resumes and interviewing people contact me today.

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