How to Grow Your Business: a short 6 part series – part three

Today let us talk about the third essential skill you need to grow your business.

Part Three

Team Enhancement

Once you have recruited new members to your organization and you have taken the time to train these people in a manner that can help achieve the common goal of the business you need to make sure you have your people working together as a ‘real’ team.

I say ‘real’ because it  is a trend to say ‘we work together as a team in our company’ but many times people are not working together at all. They just happen to work in the same company. Real teams have a connectedness that create a positive synergy clients can see and sense.

To create synergy in your company you need to put as much time and effort into developing your team as you do into the products and services you offer. It is not a ‘one shot’ motivational seminar they need.

You know in many cases people could probably buy the same or similar product or service as yours elsewhere.

Your team needs to be special and treated special. People will buy your services and products because they want to buy from your team.

So don’t be cheap in the investment you make in your team’s training in the skill of working together.

Remember the mistake of giant companies who spend millions on creating a product, millions on marketing a product, millions on creating a store to sell the product and then ask a young adult just out of high school or university to work as part of a team to sell the service when the young adult has no training on how to work with clients or as part of a business team. 

You need to invest not millions but you still need to invest in your team.

The magic of team dynamics helps every organization succeed.

I have worked as part of a training program in award winning companies known globally for their real team work. If you need assistance on how to nourish team spirit in your organization please contact me today and let us chat.

Come back tomorrow for the next article on the skills you need to grow a successful business.

Best of Success to you,