How to Grow Your Business: a short 6 part series – part six

We have covered the first five important skills to help you grow your business – sales, recruiting, team enhancement, unique marketing and appreciation – today let us cover the next important step.

Part Six


Although communication is a big part of everyone of the steps we have talked about in this six step series I have isolated it here to underline the importance of effective communication.

Dr. Stephen Covey reminded us all in his book that has been sold over ten million times ( The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People ) that we all need to ‘sharpen the saw’.

We all need to refine the skills we have to improve our ability to grow our business. And the greatest skill of all is communication.

If we cannot effectively communicate in our business life we can never succeed.

This is why many business leaders have communication coaches and mentors.

Make sure you take time to work on your ability as a leader of your business to nourish your communication skills you have and the skills of your team.

Note: Successful business owners often invest ten percent of their personal business profits each year in improving their personal skills like how to communicate effectively. That is why they continue to be successful.

That is the end of this short series. If you have any questions on any of the skills covered and /or if you want to get started on nourishing one of the six steps we have covered please contact me today and let us chat so I can assist you in growing your successful business.

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