How to Grow Your Business: a short 6 part series – part four

We have covered the first three important skills to help you grow your business – sales, recruiting and team enhancement – today let us cover the next important step.

Part Four

Unique Marketing

To make sure you have the opportunity to use the power of your sales and service team to grow your business you need to market the product and service you offer. Sure this sounds obvious but not everyone markets what they have to offer effectively. In fact, many businesses know how to market expensively but not effectively.

Expensively? Yes, I have worked with business owners who have hired web designers to create a very nice looking website that was almost impossible for search engines to find because the web designer did not know about how to integrate client attracting marketing into the site design.

In fact, simple inexpensive marketing steps the designer could have used in a site did not exist.

In fact, an effective business website was built for less than half of one of my clients original expensive ineffective sites and I thought the client – a non tech person how to many the site too!

In fact, you can have your website create automatic income inexpensively (ask me how since I do have automatic income via my site and I am not referring to Google ads)

Of course, unique (and effective) marketing exists off line as well as online.

The most effective marketing system connects online and off line marketing and I can help you make sure you have a system like this.

Effective marketing uses AIDA as a guiding acronym to bring in clients. Each marketing action you create needs to create Attention, Interest, Decision and Action. More on this concept soon.

Now in this article I am just mentioning online marketing I am also happy to share with you effective off line marketing to help you grow your business. Any questions please contact me today. 

Come back tomorrow for the next article on the skills you need to grow a successful business

Best of Success to you,