How to Grow Your Business: a short 6 part series – part five

We have covered the first four important skills to help you grow your business – sales, recruiting, team enhancement and unique marketing – today let us cover the next important step.

Part Five


Did you every notice that money is important for members of your business but it is not the only thing people crave?

We all crave appreciation and recognition for our work. We all want to know that what we are doing is a part of the big picture, that we are making a difference.

As a leader of a business it is important you learn the skill of how to show your team you genuinely appreciate what they do because without them you will not succeed or you will succeed only for a short while.

To do this:

Take the time to learn the tools of effectively presenting to your people inspiring thoughts that will show them they have great value in their work and take the time to reward people for what they do in a manner beyond just money.

You will be amazed, for example, how powerful an impact a hand written thank you note can be when given to a team member to acknowledge work they have done. Yet, the most many people will get is a standard email from a boss that could be from an autoresponder!

If you want to find out how to make an effective and inspiring presentation to lead your people and to learn creative ways to show your team members they are appreciated contact me today.

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