How to Grow Your Brain for Business for Life

One of the best ways to enhance your creativity so you can develop new ways to grow your business and yourself is to choose to do things differently.

Here are some ideas:


Go home from work each day for a week by a different route. Notice what you see. Maybe you will be inspired or you will simply learn something new.



Take one object off your desk and grab a pen and paper and write down 10 different things you can do with it beyond its normal use. Perhaps, you will have found a million dollar idea.



If you don’t mind map, start to do it to help you grow your ideas. You can learn more about mind mapping here.



Pick up a trade journal at your local library on a topic you would not normally read and see what ideas you come up with from one industry that will work in yours.



Push your brain to solve puzzles by doing games like Sudoku, crosswords and playing Rush Hour
( a family favorite!).

Till next time,


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