How to Get What You Want : The Annoying Principle

You and I have stress in our lives because we have something we do not want or we do not have something we want.

From many of my mentors, I have learned one simple concept that can be explained in one sentence.

“If you do not have what you want, you need to change what you are doing.” And the reverse, “if you have something you do not want, you need to change what you are doing”

Yes, a very powerful phrase and most people will want to ignore it since it states we need to change part of, or maybe all of our way of acting.

Change itself is stressful but since it is the only way we can get something we want in our lives that we do not already have, then for you and for me we have one CHOICE change OR accept all we have right now and do not expect it to be any different.

Life is cause and effect: 

If you and I are not getting what we want in life our actions ‘the cause’ is incorrect to get ‘the effect’ we want.

Change the cause, change the result.

Do you believe you can get something in life (health, relationships, work) without taking action? Of course not, we all know we need to take action. It just has to be the right action to reach your desired outcome.

If you wish to make new friends and all you are doing is not working. Then try something new until you find something that works. I know it is an annoyingly simple principle, and what is most annoying is that it is very valid.

Edison did over 1000 different experiments to find out which would make the incandescent light bulb. A thousand different experiments , if he had done the same action 1000 times he would never have found the solution. Life teaches us what does not work for us. It is a simple fact because it is not working it does not give us the desired result. It is a direct cause and effect relationship.

Avoid the trap:

Do you know anyone who is doing the same thing for years and complaining that it does not lead to the results they want? I think we all do.

I share this with you since my mentors and particularly my life has taught me that I have to change my actions if I am not getting the results I want, no exception.

The Simple Starting Point:

It just takes one effective action step to start to change your health, your work, your relationships so if you do not have what you want. STOP what you are doing and test a new path.

Start your first completed marathon by running a little bit further everyday.

Find your ideal relationship by working on becoming the person who will attract the person you want everyday.

Have more friends by being more friendly, start with a smile.

Have your desired income by working on testing what skills you have can bring you consistent income and then using the skills once they are found. Clue: the skill will be natural to you.

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Enjoy a wonderful day,