How to Get Fit This Year

how to get fit

One of the best ways to reduce stress in your life and help give you all the energy you need to achieve your goals is to create a fitness program to help you get fit this year (and your program does not have to include hiking!)

Here are some basic steps I have learned in recent years that have helped me become fitter than I was twenty years ago. These are simply my ideas to help you create fitness habits. For more detailed fitness advice find yourself a fitness trainer through, perhaps, your local recreation center.


Step One

Know Your Baseline

Invest in a personal fitness assessment at your local recreation center so you know where your starting point is for resting pulse, weight, percentage of muscle mass etc.


Step Two

Set Your Goals

Once you know your fitness baseline it is essential to set your goals. Without goal setting you might as well not start off your training. To help you set your goals read this article on SMART goal setting and this article on how to make goal setting work.


Step Three

Choose Your activities

Once you know your fitness goals get advice and find out which activities will help you reach your goals. Then from the advice you get build your program make sure you created a balanced and fun routine to avoid losing interest in what you are doing.


Step Four

Get the Right Equipment

Did you ever met someone who was really motivated to get fit then started a fitness program and got injured almost right away? The reason is often because he or she tried to use the wrong equipment or old equipment. Make sure you have the right equipment to succeed in an activity.

Personally, years ago when I started out hiking I almost slid off a cliff on Golden Ears Mountain since I was holding off buying hiking boots and instead wearing old runners. After that one close call I invested in proper footwear. Please learn from my lesson – get the right equipment – you are worth it. My current Hiking Boots look like this.

Note: One essential part of your equipment is a stainless steel water bottle to help you keep hydrated. If you need one you can read a review of twelve stainless steel water bottles for adults here and if you want to invest in a water bottle for a child in your life you can read a review of ten children’s stainless steel water bottle here.


Step Five

Be Consistent

Once you start you fitness program keep going at a consistent pace according to your written plan. This will make your fitness habits a lifelong activity.


Step Six

Reward Yourself

Once you have started your fitness program make sure every month or so you get your fitness level checked to see how well you are achieving your goals. Then once you have achieved a desired goal make sure you reward yourself with a prize. For example, if you have increased your cardio and you legs are stronger reward yourself (and perhaps a friend too) with a day of skiing or whatever activity you enjoy that you could only perform with an increase in your fitness level.

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