How to Find your Passion in Life

In response to my last article on the importance of living passionately and why it is great to have a reason to make you leap out of bed. One reader Justin commented “Leaping out of bed with passion is a great way to start our day. Not enough people experience this in my opinion.”

Justin is right. Few people are passionate but this can change and it is important that if you do not have passion in your life you find it.

Why? I believe there is a direct relationship between the health, happiness and prosperity we experience in life and how passionately we live. If you have little interest in anything your life can feel dull and boring. You health may suffer, you may feel sad and your state of mind can damage your success at work and even your relationships.

So what can you do?

Here are a few of my suggestions. If you are looking for your passion they can help.

How to Find your Passion in Life


I recommend you look at what inspires you whether it is writing, teaching, singing, designing, figuring things out. An activity you love to do that makes you lose track of time is one of your passions that can make you leap out of bed.


I also recommend you look at what annoys you. Most likely there is something you really dislike. It could be the way certain people are treated. It could be how children are educated. It could even be the lack of customer service in an industry that you think needs to be changed. Something that annoys you can give you the drive to leap out of bed each day when you channel the energy into positive action not negative commentary.


If you cannot find your passion so easily you may want to dive into an inspiring book. Of course, the world offers many choices. Here is one I have not mentioned before. I have had the honor of hearing Ian Percy speak twice. He is an amazing speaker on the topic of helping people find their purpose. Check out one of his books Going Deep: Exploring Spirituality in Life and Leadership


Once you have found your passion the next step after you start to follow your passion is to find a way that people will support your valuable work with a value in return. This could be money or a room and food whatever it is that you need.

If you can find a way to get a value in return you will be able to continue your passion for all the time you want. If you are only doing it out of your own savings eventually you will have to stop. I have had this experience and it no fun.

What is your passion and have you found a way to get people to support you in your dreams by them giving you value in return for your valuable work?

Your friend on the journey,