How to Find Time to Meditate

When I have a calm and peaceful mind from a little bit of meditation I make better decisions about my health, happiness and prosperity. In fact, every decision making process is better. When I am stressed I make terrible decisions and take regretted actions.

If you believe that taking time to quiet the mind (which is how I define meditation) is a great idea but you don’t have time to meditate consider the following:

  • The time you are taking to read this article you could instead be focusing on your breathing and calming your mind.
  • The time you take to google, tweet or text when you are waiting in a line up for something is time you could take to meditate.
  • The time you experience waiting at a traffic light as Thich Nhat Hanh suggests is a time we can take to meditate and practice mindfulness.

You will agree there are many little moments during the day that you could use for meditation.

Now you may ask “How can you mediate in the middle of a busy day?”

Here are Three Suggestions:


Learn how to breath consciously a practice Thick Nhat Hanh explains clearly in his best selling and delightful to read book Peace Is Every Step



Take the time to breath consciously for just a few minutes first thing in the morning and then when you want to mediate again during the day you have a reference point in your memory of what it is like to be calm.



When you mediate put down everything you have in your hands. So you can relax the any tension in the upper part of your body.


As you breathe consciously focus your mind on nothing more than the idea of breathing to refresh your mind and body. You can repeat like Thick Nhat Hanh says the word ‘In’ as you breathe in and “Out” as you breathe out.

Enjoy another peaceful day,