How to experience what you want in life

Dolomites, Italy

Did you ever feel there is something missing in your life?

Some experience, some person, some item?

Now you can change that:

The first step
Be very clear on what it is that you want
Take the time to write down a description of what it is in as much detail as possible. The process of writing the description must be an enjoyable one. If it is not then perhaps what you are describing is not what you really want. So start over. Describe what sets your heart beat racing.

The second step
Be very positive
Believe this experience, person, item is coming to you. Once you convince your conscious and subconscious mind it is possible and real to you what you want is coming to you.  Use VIA to help you.

The third step
Take action and persevere
Avoid the mistake many people had after reading or watching The Secret Many people thought you just have to imagine, not true. You need to take action. If you wish to grow a rose garden you need to make space for the plants to grow and you have to plant the seeds. Make a list of actions you need to take to bring what you want into your life and start working on these action steps daily. If you are not sure what to do speak to people who have what you want and find out what they did and model it. Place a daily reminder in front of you. Use my goal cards that are free for you to use.

The fourth step
Make sure you are in the right space
Taking action is important, however, you also need to make sure you are surrounding yourself with the possibility of what you want to happen. If you want to meet someone as your soul mate who loves swimming like you. Then join a swim class. If you want to be out of financial debt start to surround yourself with people who are out of debt and have better spending habits that you so you can model their way of living.

To write your goals you will benefit from using this technique that is SMART. How to use this SMART approach is explained here.

All the best,