How to Decide and Deliver what is the Right Free Resource for your Online Business

When you are working to grow your own business one of the best ways to inspire confidence in current clients and to attract new clients is to offer a free sample of your work.

Off line many business owners will offer a free service or product sample or an over the phone consultation or a free class as a way to show people what their work is like. Online the trend for a few years now has been to offer a free electronic book or video with quality information to encourage visitors to stay in touch and purchase services.

Did you ever consider your approach to offering these free resources and if your current approach is working effectively? I just did.

A few weeks ago I checked on my site statistics on this site The W.O.N.D.E.R Technique and I studied how many people had visited the introductory page on my site for the FREE eWorkbook on ‘Reducing Stress and Increasing Success’ and I checked to see how many people signed up to get a copy.

Clearly, not everyone who reads the introduction page wants the content of the book since the sign up and viewing numbers do not match. My best guess is the visitors have other needs relating to personal and business development when they arrive on the site and I decided to see if I could better serve readers.

So I reviewed in my WordPress stats what pages people are reading and I noted that quite a few people arrived on this site looking for information on goal setting. So I created an option.

I added a second sign up option for visitors so if they did not need the eWorkbook I though maybe they would like a Free set of my goal reminder cards.

Now for the results.

The result was within three hours of me finishing the work and putting the second option online someone signed up to get the Free goal cards. Of course, I have only just started this offer of a second option but we all like options don’t we? So I think I will continue to follow my new idea and then, of course, keep an eye on its effectiveness.

Action Steps for You:


If you do not have a free resource that is automatically sent instantly to readers via a system like the one I use by Aweber you most likely are losing the opportunity to keep visitors and encourage them to become clients. I recommend you work on installing a system like this on your site now.



If you already have a free resource in place look at how often it is being chosen by readers compared to the number of times it is viewed. You can see percentages of the number of visitors versus the number of people who subscribe in the control panel of email marketing programs like Aweber and you can also see how many people are visiting your site pages via WordPress stats and Google Site Analytics.



Research what most of your readers are reading on your site by looking at the WordPress stats or the Google Site Analytics and if it does not match with the content of your free gift create a new second free gift and offer it to visitors as one of two choices. Then once it is available monitor what people are choosing.

Continued Success to You,