How to Control The Robber in Your Mind


Do you know this story?

As a young child I heard of the story of the young boy with an Angel on one shoulder and a Devil on the other, each helping him in making his decisions.

The Angel told him to do the right thing, be honest, be kind, help other people.

The Devil told him to do what is best for him, do not tell the truth if the result will be negative for himself, make you number one.

You may know a similar story.

In our mind, we have a thief, a robber that is telling us negatives things to do, destructive ways to act and we need to make  sure we daily ‘inject our minds’ as I like to say, with positive actions. More than just a quote an action that makes a positive difference.

Action Step:

Each day before you turn on the social media or email turn to a book and read at least a paragraph of truly nourishing information that will grow seeds of strength in your mind. This is not a business development book, this is a personal development book.

This is one of my daily ESSENTIAL tasks for myself and it creates a great start to the day.

I have many favorite books here is one” target=”_blank”>here is one and here is another

Enjoy a wonderful day,