How to Choose Your Career or New Career in Two Steps

Did you ever wonder if you are spending your life being involved in the right career or vocation? Most people dream about doing what they love to do and being paid for it but sometimes they get stuck right at the very beginning trying to decide what it is they should do.

I used to have a lack of clarity until I started to use the two steps I am about to share with you. For me every time I have used these two steps over the last ten years I return to the same result. I simply want to help people achieve their personal and professional best and I love sharing everything and anything I have that will help them reach their dreams.

Here are the questions: grab a pen and paper and work through them. Step two of course is clearly the key. It is a quick exercise and that is what I like best about it.


List all the things you are truly passionate about and would work at even if you were NOT paid for them. It could be teaching natural medicine or web design or jewelry design or yoga or woodwork or professional speaking or cooking. You fill in the blank. Perhaps, your present work is in the list.


Pick one passion from the above list that people WILL pay you for (or currently do pay you for) and you know you have the right career or vocation for you.

Unfortunately, as you know, if people will not pay you for the work since your choice has a low perceived value in the marketplace then your passion will never be a source of income. But don’t worry, if you choose a passion that has low perceived value take a look back at the results of step one and see if you can find another activity you are passionate about that people will pay you money for.

In my experience most people find at least one thing they are truly passionate about that can bring them income once they have training, make plans and take action.

There you go. I have been told these steps have been a great starting point or test for career clarity.

Enjoy a wonderful day,