How to Brighten Someone’s Day

Too many times we are all focused on making our own days happier, healthier and more prosperous but as you know there is a hidden secret. The secret is that many times when you make someone else’s day better you increase your own happiness.

Today, why not take up the phone and tell a friend how much you love them or if you don’t want to phone them mail them a card.

Don’t tweet or Like them or email them instead mail them a simple card. If you don’t have a card, take a piece of paper and tell them in a few words you are grateful they are part of your life.

In fact, why not send a note to five people you know  to make their day better.

Now I have to go get my pen and paper.

Keep smiling,


P.S. If your friend is in need of resources to help them increase their health, happiness and prosperity you can direct them to my free resource section.