How to become Powerful

As part of my training in Psychology that I apply to my understanding of personal and business development I have reflected on the Nature versus Nurture argument.

Nature versus Nurture: Do we gain power and control in our lives because we are genetically destined to do so because our brain is set up in a special way (the Nature argument) or do we gain power and control of our lives because of the influence we have received as we grow up that instills in us a belief we can make the difference we want to make (the Nuture argument).

Some people say it is Nature, some people say it is Nurture, some say it is split fifty/fifty.

I disagree with all of these suggestions.

I believe like Paul Zane Pilzer that only about ten percent of our lives is controlled by our Nature and about another ten percent is controlled by our Nurture. The balance a huge EIGHTY percent is based on how we choose to think about our lives and how we decide to act.

The way we choose to think brings us power into our lives because it gives us control of whether we experience happiness or sadness, love or anger and a whole lot more.

Think about the way you think today. Is it bringing more power or less power into your life?

Your friend on the journey,


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