How to Become More Mindful Using Water

mindfulness and drinking water

My Water Bottle

Many of my friends think I am obsessed by water because I constantly carry a stainless steel bottle of water around with me like it is a piece of jewelry. They are right I am possessed by water in a very positive way.

As a young person I did not know what caused fatigue, headaches and cramps I would experience. To me it was all quite normal how I felt but as a not so young adult I discovered the many reasons why water is important and my daily relationship with water has never ended.

Now I think I am discovering a new way for me to use water as I work on nourishing my personal state of mindfulness to reduce stress and increase wellness in all areas of my life. Today, while reading Peace is Every Step to relax and focus my mind I came up with a thought: what if I took a glass of water and drank it really slowly and pondered mindfully the power of life within that water could this be another way for me to connect with the world around me in a more mindful way?

So I did it I filled a glass with fresh running water and sat down quietly drinking. It was just for a few minutes but I felt refreshed in many ways afterwards. When I share this with my friends I wonder what they are going to say.

Before I share the idea with friends I think I am going to introduce this idea gently to my children. They know the value of drinking water since it was their first fluid after breast milk but I believe taking the time to drink a glass of water slowly will be an interesting experience for them like me.

Perhaps you will find this way an interesting new way to focus on being more mindful of the world around you or perhaps, not.

Your friend on the journey,


P.S. If you are curious, if you are curious to learn about the book I was reading here is the link reviews on Amazon on Peace Is Every Step: The Path of Mindfulness in Everyday Life. If you like the idea of having a stainless steel water bottle and you do not have one here is a link to a review of children’s stainless steel water bottles and one to adults stainless steel water bottles.