How to become Emotionally Mature

Do you believe that other people can really annoy you? Do you believe they have the power to take over your self control and make you angry?

I used to think so until I learned that no one can truly annoy me unless I permit them to do so. Sure, I do let other people annoy me on occasion but I now understand that the only path that another person can take to upset me is through my own thoughts and today I am controlling my own thoughts more and more. As a result I have more peace of mind.

The simple action I can take to avoid being infected by other peoples undesirable actions towards me is to simply ignore their comment and go about my life.

If I don’t ignore it I will go through four stages as Dr. Joseph Murphy’s says


I begin to think about what is said about me.



I decide that what is said is making me angry and I generate an emotion of rage.



I decide to act on this rage.



I speak back to the person the same way they did to me or worse.


Truth is that the thought, the emotion, the reaction and the action are all generated from within myself in response to the other person.

I could in did just ignore their comment and go on my way.

Distress sure does appear to be an inner view.

Dr Murphy understands how our mind works. Follow this link to learn more about his best selling book on the power of our mind.

Your friend on the journey,