How to Become a Reading Role Model and Change a Child Forever

There are many ways to learn to improve your health, happiness and prosperity. You can learn through speaking seminars, CDs, DVDs and more but still my favorite is to read. When I read I can pause when I want to reflect and review again the material I am studying. Sure I can start the CD or DVD again but to me it is not the same. Call me old fashioned I just like reading.

I mention this since I believe that one of the most important life skills I can nourish in the lives of my children is the ability to read. Reading gives them the power to change and nourish their lives forever.

In my family our approach to giving the children the inspiration to read is the following:

It is our way seven ways of being a reading role model.



We listen to what our children are interested in and supply them with reading materials related to topics of their interest. If they are interested in any topic we find they are more motivated to read what is given to them.



We set the example by making sure our children see my wife and I reading books we enjoy.



We don’t depend on teachers at school to teach our children. We take the time to nourish the habit at home long before the children practice reading at school.



We read regularly with the children. Typically, just before bedtime. A nice story can be a great way for a child to become relaxed and fall to sleep with good thoughts in their mind.



We know it is old fashioned but we still go to the library so the children have the experience of looking through numerous books and picking the ones that delight them. Soon there may be no libraries so cherish the moment.



We read labels on food items to the children and they read them too. Sometimes we even discuss the ingredients which are a healthy eating lesson in itself. For me personally, food labels are one way I started to learn languages beyond English.



Myself, I have bought copies of my favorite personal development books for my children so they will have them when they are ready and want to read them. I recommend you invest in copies of your favorite books so you can give your children a little piece of you when they are older.

Since I am passionate about health, happiness and prosperity I have even managed to find versions of personal development books I enjoy like  The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People that are now especially written for children and teens.

I recommend you check out The 7 Habits Of Highly Effective Teens and The 7 Habits of Happy Kids. I have copies of all three books so feel free to ask me about them.

If you don’t have children of your own consider going to your local library and volunteering to be a reading mentor for children. You will nourish a power inside a child that will empower a life forever. If you don’t want to be a reading mentor you can always consider donating books you no longer read to the library.

Sharing the prosperity of reading,

Enjoy a wonderful day,