How to Be Legendary: Remember the Big Question

If you are reading this and you feel your life is fantastic, I applaud you since you are in the 5 percent of the population as Earl Nightingale said that are living a successful life.

If you are feeling bored instead of fantastic and you feel as far away as possible in your mind from being legendary in your life time for the positive impact you are making then there is a Big Question you need to ask yourself:

What can I do today that will improve my life in a massive way?

Tony Robbins has spoken about making Strategies for Massive Results
in our lives to get the results we want. You know small steps make big changes overtime but if you want to make BIG positive changes quickly you have to make massive change which involves risk.

I once wrote “From the Willingness to take Risks comes the strength to make a Difference”

Randy Gage just wrote a book called Risky is the New Safe to inspire more people to be critical thinkers so they can make a huge impact with their life. I have seen Randy speak twice in person and he really provokes you to think about how to make the best possible use of your life.

Randy reminds us that always the choice is yours. Be warned he has a radical way of looking at things. If you check out his work, you may not agree with him on certain issues. I don’t agree with him on a lot of issues but I appreciate how he tests out our thinking. Believe me he also has a book called Why You’re Dumb, Sick & Broke.

In this letter to you I am recommending to you something I embrace. My life is not short of massive change. Three years ago I moved to another country where I did not speak the local language. I did this so I could help out a friend in need and in the process I made myself unemployed and with multiple challenges to find work to support my family. Why? because my greatest skill is how I communicate in person and by moving to France I lost the chance to speak consistently in my native language.

Yes, the massive change was positive since my family and I could be present for the final years of my friend’s life but this massive change required another massive change.  I would have to learn a new language to find work and function effectively in a new culture.

What happened?

Now I naturally hesitated to start learning a new language since I had never learned a new language in my first forty of life. No comment on how I did in school when it came to languages.

But now today, to me it is a miracle, I work daily in the French language doing business with French business owners and French clients speaking their language.

What massive change can you make today to change the direction of your life to be what you want it to be?

The power is within you. Decide and take Massive Action.

How can you achieve this?

You need to get uncomfortable and review your life right now. Review your relationships, your career, your finances, your mental and physical health… all your life and decide on what you can do that will make massive positive change in your life.

Don’t hesitate. Review, Decide and take Massive Action.

Could you start to take more time with your friends instead of working more?

Could you finally take the family vacation you have avoided?

Could you finally buy the books your mind needs you to read to grow?

Note: Place a mark on your calendar for a time each month when you will reflect again on what massive change you can make to make your life legendary? Tip, if you use gmail you can set up a monthly reminder.

Note two: Use all the free resources I have on this site (more coming!) and review all you want of the 300 plus articles

As Mohandas Gandi said ‘Be the change you want to see’

Note three: Learn from the life experience of others living and dead. Check out the best personal development books I have read to date.

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Your friend on the journey,