How to Avoid Information Addiction

One action that can really cut into your health and happiness is the addiction to checking online information. It is unfortunately a growing problem since more and more people are spending their time online.

In addition, in more and more cases it is the fear people have of  missing out on information that is making them continue to be addicted to checking for new information.

You know you are or you are becoming an information addict when:

* You are with friends and family and you continue to check on your phone to see if you have received messages from other friends because you don’t want to feel out of touch!

* You find you are checking for messages on personal social networks during your dedicated work time several times per hour.

* You find the most important thing for you to do in the morning is to check your messages even before you eat!

* You are unable to spend a day or even several hours disconnected from your phone. For example, you still carry your phone when you are exercising, it is on the table when you are at dinner and it is in your pocket at the movies and you check messages during these activities!

Here is what I suggest to help you keep your online and offline life in balance.


Decide you want to make a change in your information using habits. There is great power in making a decision to change. Tell a friend that you are going to make this change. This will make you accountable especially if you have a habit of texting when you are with friends that friend can see your action and remind you of your personal promise.

Make a Goal

Use this article on SMART goal setting to document your goal of reducing your information addiction.

Nourish Yourself Positively

Perhaps your action is coming from your experience of excess negative stress in your life. If so, get some of my free resources like the mini-motivational cards to help nourish yourself positively.


Set up a schedule as to when you will check you messages on Facebook, email, etc and keep to the schedule. Do this by setting an alarm on your watch or on your computer. If you are a person who checks your messages every 15 minutes set the alarm for 30 minutes and see if you can wait. Stretch yourself bit by bit to reduce the frequency of your visits to social media to a time period that is your goal.

Change Your State

If you feel the urge to check messages before the due time then get up, move around, go get some water to drink and then return to the activity you were involved in without checking your messages.

Increase Your Ability to Control Your Actions

When you change your state to avoid the information checking activity it is an  excellent idea from NLP to replace your undesired habit with a new action like stretching, or doing a little bit of yoga or going to get some fresh air. This way you will be increasing a healthy habit to replace an undesired habit.

Test out these ideas.

Best of Success to you,