How to avoid Disappointment

How to Avoid Dissappointment

I truly enjoy learning from other people. This helps me become a better Dad, Husband, Friend and Businessman.

Some of my best mentors have been much older than me and I have gained nuggets of wisdom such as the following I learned from a friend who is 70 plus years of age.

He says “David set High Expectations for yourself and Set Low Expectations for others”

I asked what he meant and he said “you have the responsibility to work on improving yourself so you are a better servant to this world but you cannot expect other people to do as you do. Even if the principals you uphold are global principals like honesty and integrity you cannot expect everyone you meet to embrace these principals”.

I reflected and I realized that indeed I am disappointed when I meet people who do not hold, for example, the same principle of honesty as I do that I learned from my parents. Many have explained to me they feel it is okay to cheat as long as no one finds out.

However, in fact, as my friend Jim says “even if you hold high expectations for others it is better you hold low expectations for them or in fact, have no expectations at all. Just keep your own expectations of yourself high.

Food for thought for me, how about you? Do you agree?