How to Avoid Destroying Your Personal and Business Relationships

* Have you ever seen two people walking down the street holding hands and both are on the phone talking to someone else?

* Have you ever been at a meeting where you can see some of the attendees reading emails or sending text messages on their phones?

I have and most likely you have too. These people are present but they are not really there.

One of the biggest causes of confusion and misunderstanding in relationships inside and outside of business is that when people interact they are not always present. They are inside their heads thinking about other things.

* Have you ever looked at the TV when you were in conversation with your spouse, your child, a friend?

* Have you ever been typing a message to one client while you are on the phone to another?

* Did you ever answer the phone when you were in the middle of a conversation with someone beside you?

A lack of presence destroys marriages and damages business relationships.

We all need to ask ourselves when we are with others are we really present.

To be put it in to 3 words that were used in a title of a book by Raam Dass in the 1970s Be Here Now.

I believe Raam Dass also said ‘where ever you are be there’ – Great advice.

Today take the time to see if when you interact with others are your really present?

Your friend on the journey,