How important is passion in business?

Without a doubt one of the most fundamental reasons why any business is successful is that the owner is extremely passionate about what they are sharing.

If I was not passionate about sharing with you how to grow your success and wellness I would definitely not be taking the time it takes to develop and nourish this website and the time it takes to create and write these words to share with you. Believe it or not, each article can take me an hour or more to get my ideas down into simple words, check grammar, spell check …and then I know my written English is still not perfect.

I believe if what you are doing in your business does not make you ‘leap out of bed’ with excitement each day you will never truly engage clients so they see the value in your work. You will run out of steam when some days or weeks require you to work harder than you anticipated.

The best guideline I learned years ago to use to decide on what work is right for you is – decide on work that you love so much that you would do it even if you were not paid for it.

Yes! Work you would do if you were not paid for it.

Then if you can find that and make sure it is something people will actually pay for since it is valuable to them you have a business idea that mixed with your passion has the seeds of success.

If this seems impossible since you have a business you dream about but not the money or the knowledge to bring it into reality right now. Connect with me and I will give you extra ideas that can help you realize your dream.

Enjoy a great day,