How important is passion in business? How important is passion in life?

the importance of passion

Have you ever met someone who is ‘boiling’ over with enthusiasm about something new they are doing to improve their personal or business life and you just can’t stop their positive words flowing?

I love to meet people who are excited about life. I love to meet a person who wants to change the world with a positive action or idea. I believe passionate people live longer in life and in business because they have a belief that pulls them out of bed each morning.

In fact, I have friends who have lived many years after a deadly illness was diagnosed and I have friends who are working happily in business well into their eight decade because of the passionate belief they have a purpose for living.

For me (perhaps, you will not agree) I believe that one of the most fundamental reasons why any business is successful or any person is happy and healthy is because they are extremely passionate about what they are doing everyday. If I was not passionate about sharing with you how to enhance your personal and business development I would definitely not be taking the time it takes to create and write these words to share with you.

Believe me, each article can take me two or three hours or more to get my ideas down into simple words, check grammar, spell check …and even then I have grammar issues, sorry! And of course, I have no idea if you are going to like it or hate it. But I know each article comes from a thought I am passionate about sharing with you.

Do you ‘leap out of bed?’ I believe if what you are doing each day in your personal or business life does not make you ‘leap out of bed’ with excitement each day you will never truly be happy, healthy and prosperous.

Do you leap out of bed?


P.S. I am currently rereading for the ‘I don’t know remember how many times’ the book As a Man Thinketh by James Allen. I think everyone young and old needs to read this book at least once. Read reviews of As A Man Thinketh.

2 comments to How important is passion in business? How important is passion in life?

  • Hi David,
    I remember reading how George Burns was able to live to be 100 years old I believe because he was passionate about engaging with entertaining people.

    Writing a simple blog post can take hours, not so simple always.

    Leaping out of bed with passion is a great way to start our day. Not enough people experience this in my opinion.

  • David Hennessey

    Welcome back Justin,
    George Burns sure had a passion for living. Age was just a number to him.