How do you frame your day?


Thought of the day!

Children wake up and go ‘wow! I wonder what is going to happen today!’

Yes, children start the day with a blank slate and ready for adventure.

We as adults wake up and go ‘oh! no, another day of going to work’

Yes, many of us start the day with a belief that the day is going to be tough and at worst just another day.

Consider that each new day is actually a brand new day and you can only guess and sort of plan what is going to happen but you have no actual control.

Do you think you have control? Can you control the traffic on the roads? Can you control how people will respond to you?

One thing you can control is your mind and how you decide to think about the day.

If you need a little bonus to get you to manage your thoughts here is one of my all time favorites

Your friend on the journey, David

P.S. A big shout out to Marianne Williamson who while I was listening to one of her talks inspired me with a similar idea about how adults and children see the world. Thank you Marianne!