How do I find the value of my work

If you see other people at your workplace being told they are out of work. If you see other small business owners closing down their businesses. If you see giant companies closing down you may wonder, what is my value to the market place?

Naturally, you want to know what your value is since if you do not have value you soon will be out of work.

I believe I recently learned the answer from an old recording by Earl Nightingale

Earl said in his very clear and precise way.

The value of your work is based on three things:


The demand for what you do


Your ability to do it


How easy it is to replace you

For example, if you are a heart surgeon, there is a continual demand for your work (number one) and if you are good (number two) then you will definitely have a lot of work since the training is not so easy and it will not be so easy to replace you (number three). This is why heart surgeons are paid so much.

Now in the past stores that developed photographs had a demand for their work (number one) and they had the tools and unique ability to do it (number two) and there was typically only one or two stores like this in a town (number 3) so their photo businesses were booming for many years.

But now since people can take their own digital pictures and print or created digital booklets with them easily essentially all these 3 value principles have ended and so has the photo print shop industry.

Take a look at your work and what you do and ask those three questions and write down the answers. Then make the necessary changes. If you need help to make the change, let me know.