How Can you Give them Your Money?

If you are planning on building a business as part of a personal development goal consider the following:

Have you ever gone to a website to find out more about a ‘bricks and mortar’ business and you get the answer you wanted so you are sold on their service. Your next step is to contact the business owner and hire them or order their services BUT you cannot find the contact or ordering information on their website. How can you give them your money?

Their contact information is not on the top menu bar. It is not on a side bar. Perhaps, after checking the top menu and side menu, and you have not given up like most people will have, you go check the footer (the bottom of the page) and there is a contact link for the business. Good news you think and then you click on it to find a form for you to complete and send and wait. When all you wanted was a phone number to call to make an appointment or the ability to purchase an item via PayPal or another form of shopping cart.

Have you ever had this experience? I definitely have.

If you want to make it easier for people to support your work and increase your prosperity you need to make it easy for people to do business with you.

Please don’t let your web designer forget how important it is that your contact information online needs to be front and center just like on your business card. If you want people to phone you make it easy for them to find your phone number.

If you only work by email and you want to avoid posting your email on your site to avoid spam (smart decision) you could use the format I use in my contact information. Although not perfect at least people can connect the email address with my name and they are more willing to send me an email.

Note: In my case, since the nature of my personal and business development work takes me into different areas I don’t post a local phone number. But if your business is based in one place I highly recommend you post a contact phone number.

If you sell items on your site do your best to make it possible that people can pay you online right away via systems like PayPal. PayPal can be set up for free and you only pay when you receive money. Don’t expect people to send you a cheque this process can turn off the desire of the buyer since it gives them extra work and they may not even have cheques.

TEST YOUR SITE: Take the time to pretend you are a visitor to your website. Would you find your contact information easily? Would someone be able to buy a product or service from you easily? Ask some friends to check your site to see if they find it easy. Ask your friends if they find your approach personal or impersonal and if they would change anything.

Best of Success to you,