How can I rebuild trust?

The steps we all need to take to rebuild trust are the same steps we need to take to create trust in the first place. Trust is the key ingredient to all business and personal relationships. You will agree we all feel less stressed when we are interacting with people we trust.

If you want to build trust or rebuilt trust, according to David Horsager who has written a book called The Trust Edge, there are 8 pillars to building trust:

I just listened to David being interviewed and below are four of the eight pillars he has found are part of building long term trust:



When people in business or in friendship tend to ‘blurr’ responses and not really respond to the questions being asked it is hard to build trust. When someone communicates clearly we begin to trust them.




When someone is really listening to you and not interrupting you they are showing compassion and compassion builds trust.




Jim Rohn wrote that Character is more important than reputation. It is about doing the right thing and when you do the right thing that enables other people to trust you more because they believe you will do the right thing in future interactions.




One way to build and keep trust is to make and keep a commitment. This is true for personal and business relationships.

I don’t want to share all of the gems David writes about so to learn the remaining four pillars of building trust follow this link to details on David’s new book The Trust Edge

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