How can I make my life better? The Power of Specific Questions

Whether you are moving through a health, happiness or prosperity crisis or just making plans to avoid one it is extremely important that you keep asking yourself “how can my life get better?”

I believe that the power of the questions you ask yourself daily determines the choices you make and the choices you make determines the results you get.

The power of using questions to better direct your life is not a new concept. It is something Tony Robbins (who wrote the book Awaken the Giant Within) has reminded us for over a decade but perhaps Tony would agree many people are not using the right questions to help empower their health or happiness or prosperity.


Questions you want to avoid asking yourself include:

Why do always bad things happen to me?

Why do I always feel so tired?

These and many other negative questions direct the mind to focus on the problem and not the solution.


Questions you will want to ask yourself include:

How can I make my life better?

What ways can I increase my level of energy?

Better yet, make your questions specific like

How can I make my relationship with my parents better?

How can I increase my level of energy in the morning?

These specific questions get your mind to focus on creating solutions.

When you ask yourself these questions remember to have a pen and paper or Netbook or iPad on hand to write down the solutions that ‘pop’ into your mind.

Enjoy a wonderful day,


P.S. If you want to help cleanse your mind of negative thoughts and questions check out The Seven Day Mental Diet: How to Change Your Life in a Week. It is a favorite of mine.