Healthy Living Habit – Take Care of Yourself First

simplify healthy living

Healthy living is all about smart healthy habits. Perhaps you know someone who is always trying to take care of other people but does not take care of themselves. They may even have driven themselves to ill health and poverty for the sake of helping others. Now they are dependent on others.

Consider the opposite. Take care of your own personal needs without damaging the lives of others around you and then once you have achieved the level of success and well being you desire you are in a position to help those around you whenever possible. Recall on an airplane they remind adults to attach the oxygen mask first before assisting a child. This is an example of ‘Taking Care of Yourself First’ so you are then empowered to help others.

Action Step

When you create your life goals based on your definite purpose remember to make sure you nourish yourself along the way. When you live from a point of view that everyone can be healthy, happy and prosperous you need to remember you are part of this global picture. Remember to eat nourishing foods, take time to be with family and friends, take time to go on vacation and whatever else is important to you so you keep yourself energized to work on your life goals that will naturally include you taking time to help other people out too.

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