Healthy Eating: Save Money with Your Own Organic Food Price Book

healthy eating habits

One way to help you support your healthy eating habits is to go shopping for organic food and to memorize all the prices of all the foods you buy so that when you see a good deal you know it.

This memorizing approach can be fun but a little stressful for some of us to support a healthy living habit so I suggest instead you get yourself a little notebook. Then take it with a pen or pencil with you when you go shopping for organic food.

Remember when you write down the price of the organic item to note the brand name, the quantity and the quality of the item plus the store and the store location. So if this is the best price on a product you know where to return to.

Over time you will know where the best prices on organic food are located.

As a personal note: I used this technique for a long time when I first started shopping for organic food. It may sound a little extreme but it sure came in helpful when a company I was working for closed down and they dismissed me and 299 other employees. During my unemployment my family and I where on social assistance (often called welfare) for seven months and we still managed to afford to eat all organic food. Many people were shocked a family could eat organic food on social assistance but we did because we had learned how to buy organic food inexpensively.

I wrote an e-book to share all the tips and techniques we use to buy organic food on a small budget. Follow this link to details on How to Buy Organic Food Inexpensively.

Your friend on the journey,