Healthy Eating and Shopping Guide


The Healthy Eating and Shopping Guide AKA The Rainbow Chart is a excellent time saving solution to help you reduce the stress of shopping for healthy foods.

If you have subscribed to my special report and received my newsletter you most likely will have read a copy of my article on how to reduce the stress of shopping for healthy foods by following the colors of the rainbow. This is an article I have also had published in newspapers and on websites and it is also a concept I frequently share at my seminars.

To help put into practice what I wrote about in the article I created (after a few weeks of research) a simple one page shopping guide that can help you follow the ideas presented in the article and supported in numerous scientific articles.

The chart shows over 90 fruits and vegetables relating to their color to help you nourish your stress free approach to shopping. You could of course create a chart like this yourself but I did it for you to save you the time. Your investment is minimal.

As a bonus included with this chart AT NO EXTRA CHARGE is another one page chart I put together to illustrate the relationship between foods and their glycemic index. In simple terms, the glycemic index relates to how quickly a certain food is broken down in your body. The slower it burns the more stable your blood sugar can be.

Please note this chart on ‘Following the Colors of the Rainbow’ is also included in my electronic workbook Simplify Healthy Eating Habits. So you may wish to buy this book instead for its slighly higher purchase price. Check Simplify Healthy Eating Habits by going here

NOTE: To open the PDF file that these cards are in you will need Adobe Reader. If you do not have Adobe Reader you can click here to get it.

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