Happiness is the best measurement of Success

Have you read the article on the relationship between happiness and success by Sir Richard Branson? Just just need to google ‘Branson on Happiness’.

Sir Richard says “How happy are you? How much has your company grossed this quarter? Which question is more important to you? If you are more concerned about the latter, then one suspects the answer to the former is not going to be very positive”.

Somehow this focus on happiness and business success sparked my memory of my reading of The Art of Happiness by His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama.

In his book there is a chapter about sources of happiness. His holiness shares stories of millionaires and people with deadly diseases and he states after sharing the stories that ‘Happiness is more determined by one’s state of mind that by one’s external events’.

Somehow we all know this but we don’t always see it. Truly if you are happy I think you have achieved success in life since so many people are not happy no matter what. Do you agree?

I reflected more on Sir Branson’s questions and I created some questions to ask myself to test how I view my life.

Maybe you will want to ask yourself these questions to help you gain more clarity in your goal of finding happiness.

So here are my questions:

How do you view things in your life?


Do you put happiness and values like friendship and family before clients and profits?


Will you respond to the phone call of a client quicker than the phone call of a friend, a friend who has brought you years of support and encouragement?


Are you delighted to hear from your spouse who has loved you for all you are or are you more excited to hear from a client who is going to make a purchase?

Test yourself, ask yourself these sort of questions and you will see how you view the world. Then you can make changes to your life if you want to.

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Your friend on the journey,