Happiness and Silence

Happiness and health can be lost in today’s life that is filled with continuous sounds and endless activities. The brain needs silence to integrate what has been learned, to search out new ideas and simply to rest and regenerate its ability.

Kahlil Gibran said in The Prophet ‘Silence is like space between notes in music’  – it is essential.

Without silence in our lives everything rolls together and in time leads to frustration or confusion. We all call this negative stress and this negative stress can eventually lead to illness.

Many adults have learned the benefits of silence and enjoy their daily dose of quiet time to manage stress in their lives and regenerate feelings of happiness.

However, many adults do not remember how to ‘still’ their minds after years of being told a life without activity is not a life worth living. Yet, they crave the benefits of a quieter mind. This is why there are so many students in meditation classes.

Whether you are single, married with or without children you can increase your ability to manage stressful situations by taking the time to experience silence mixed with times of stillness or little activity.

A great way to achieve this goal is to go for an early morning walk in Nature at least once a week. Choose a park abundant with trees and bushes so you experience freshly made oxygen and be buffered from the sounds of early morning traffic. If you walk with someone even children before you arrive remind everyone there will be no talking unless someone feels hurt or troubled. If someone speaks, as the Beatles sung ‘Let It Be‘. Chances are they will return to silence. If they do not, simply lead by example.

Note: This book  is my all time favorite book on creating a calm mind. It includes details on a beautiful practice called Walking Meditation.

Your friend on the journey,